Who Endorses Acler?

You might be wondering who endorses Acler. You may wonder who Beyonce is and if she’s worn any Acler dresses. The truth is that Beyonce has worn several Acler dresses. But how much does hiring an Acler dress cost? Read on to find out! Listed below are some of the costs for hiring an Acler dress. Then, compare the costs of hiring a dress with hiring a Beyonce dress.


AclerAfter wearing Acler clothing in New York, Beyonce has sparked a massive buzz about the brand. Her navy miniskirt and gold Fyffe Bodice have gone viral, prompting a rush of pre-orders and inquiries. Since then, the Acler line has become a staple in the wardrobes of celebrities and fashion influencers alike. So let’s take a closer look at the relationship between the two brands.

The Acler Resort 2018 collection inspires Beyonce’s latest look. The off-the-shoulder dress is styled with a knot at the waist. Her beige boots also add to the overall look. Besides the red dress, the collection includes various shades of navy, sculptural shapes, and floral embellishments. The Acler and Beyonce collaboration is the perfect fit for the chilly winter weather in New York.

Beyonce endorses Acler

Beyonce has become one of the most popular endorsers of Acler. The aging skincare brand has worked with Beyonce since she was 18. Beyonce has appeared in many TV and print ads for the brand, promoting products like Feria, Pure Zone, StudioLine, and HiP. She also endorsed Acler’s lip balms and lent her face in a commercial for Lip Duet.

Beyonce has worn Acler dresses.

Beyonce has recently been spotted wearing a gold Acler top and navy miniskirt, and fans have guessed correctly that she’s wearing a design by the Australian fashion label. The singer and her husband, Jay-Z, were at the New York premiere of the play, Dear Evan Hansen, and Beyonce shared a picture of herself wearing the outfit on Instagram. Fans were flooded with pre-orders and inquiries.

The designer’s Acler brand is the sister brand of Cameo, which Beyonce has also sported. Acler is known for its refined and sophisticated designs that flatter the female form. Its designers, Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto, have a flair for high art sculpture and use innovative draping, pleating, and ruching techniques to create exquisite dresses. The brand has been worn by celebrities, including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Cost of hiring an Acler dress

Hiring a dress is a cost-effective option compared to buying a new one. But before you do so, it is important to understand the process. Below we will look at how much it costs to hire an Acler dress and what you should expect. You can choose a dress depending on your budget, style and size. You can also check out the rental process. You will have to return the dress by the time agreed upon.

Hiring an Acler dress can cost several hundred dollars. However, it is possible to hire an Acler dress for a much lower price. Some companies even offer a free delivery service. Another option is to visit your local boutique and find an Acler dress for hire. This will save you hundreds of dollars, and you can also be helping the environment by reusing the dress instead of buying a new one. There are many benefits to hiring an Acler dress.

Dosage of Acler

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Acler Side Effects

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