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Bikes prepped and bags packed we closed up shop and headed to L'Alpe d'Huez for the 2019 edition of Megavalanche. The 16 hour drive was straightforward and not unpleasant, broken up by service station sandwiches and naps. Arriving at the bottom of the famous Tour de France climb in the dark, 21 hairpin turns and a quick pint in O'Sharkeys we were setting up our tents in a grassy meadow next to the main lift station.

Days of epic riding followed. The course was insane, 20km long with 2600m of decent through snow, rocks and steep forests. The only casualty of the trip was Ross' bike. He managed to poke a hole in his new Orbea Rallon on the second day of riding. After a short display of colourful language and a Jeffrey he patched up the frame using allen keys, cable ties and duct tape. He qualified, and completed the main race in just 58 minutes, a testament to his tenacity and massive balls of steel.

The whole event was incredible, the weather and scenery breathtaking, the company questionable and the laughs non stop.

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